History Publication Reports

In this class, we are all members of a fictional organization, History Workshop Consultants (HWC).  HWC is a non-profit consulting firm devoted to creating and developing high quality historical work for the academic, public, and commercial sectors.  It offers a range of services, from research to content analysis to digital publication.  All of your assignments will be tasks given to you as an employee of the company.  

One important type of work that History Workshop Consultants provides is the Publication Report.  Companies often come to HWC and request professional peer review and analysis of manuscripts, books, articles, films, web sites and more.  We provide them with a report so that they can decide whether to invest the time, energy, and finances that it takes to publish, republish, and/or distribute a historical work.  We also provide them with suggestions on how to improve the work.

Each of our Publication Reports provide summaries of the author and analytical summaries of the text.  Our clients receive a complete methodological, theoretical, and historiographical summary, which places the material in its professional context.  Finally, all reports provide an evaluative summary, which explains both the strengths and weaknesses of the material with recommendations on publishing or re-publishing.

As members of the review team, it is your responsibility to complete these reports so that the team can discuss the material in our weekly meetings.

Here is an example of a report.  To download a copy in Word format, Publication Report Worksheet.

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