10. Technology and Modern Warfare


This meeting begins with a short summary of science and war during the twentieth century.  We will have a brief look at the environmental dimensions of WWII before we turn our attention to questions of philosophy of science.  When discussing the philosophy of science in previous weeks, we have focused on epistemology.  In this week, we will turn to the issue of ethics — specifically the role of the scientist in the context of war.  In the last hour of this meeting, we will discuss our timeline research topic as well as our proposed timeline entries with the specific purpose of crafting a research question.


Reading Questions:


  • While I will not require you to turn in your reading review sheets this week, you should still fill them out to help guide our classroom discussion of the readings.
  • This week, we will begin building our timelines.  The first item on which we have to focus is on our research topic.  With ten weeks of this course under your belt, you should have a good grasp on the main themes of the course.  We will want to choose a topic that fits within these themes and is neither too broad nor too narrow.  To this end, you will participate in an online discussion forum in Oncourse over the course of the week.  We will discuss possible topics and decide on a topic by Friday at 5:00pm.  You will be graded on your contributions to this discussion as part of your participation grade for the week, so please be sure to be active in the dialogue.
  • Between Friday and and Tuesday evening, each of you will choose 10 possible entries for the timeline that relate directly to the research topic.  Up to 3 entries can be people and you must have a minimum of 3 concepts to include in the timeline .  You will post them to a googledoc spreadsheet before you arrive in class.  Your names are already listed in the spreadsheet.  Do not worry if you have the same entries as other students.  When you arrive in class, I will expect you to be able to introduce your entry and explain why you think that they fit well with the research topic.



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